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Patented athletic apparel engineered to tap into your sixth sense, supporting your body during exercise to unlock improved control, efficiency, and reductions in fatigue.

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K-tape inspired skeletal structures within our patented ProPrio system offer unparalleled support over major muscle groups and joints.  Stabilising your body through even the toughest sessions.



Sensory nodes interact with the skin at key anatomical locations, heightening proprioception and movement awareness.  Helping refine each of your movements for maximum efficiency while you train or compete.



Body-mapped compression improves blood flow and reduces muscle oscillation, minimising fatigue and energy loss.  Maximise your endurance and sustain high level performance session after session.


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Over+Above is a sports performance brand that sits at the cross section of sports science and technology, born from elite athlete experience and a passion for innovation.

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I can't and I won't run without them. I have quite bad calf problems and since wearing them absolutely nothing. I'm running more mileage in a week than I ever have. Awesome product.

Mark Findlay - Ex GB Sprinter & HYROX Athlete

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Enhance your performance through proprioception

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