Over+Above exists to innovate towards your ultimate athletic performance. Founded by athletes, for athletes, we pair garment innovation with kinesiology knowledge to engineer apparel that optimises the body’s physical capabilities.


Over+Above’s patented ProPrio™ System. Designed to support movement and enhance performance by tapping into the body’s sixth sense: proprioception.

How it works

The ProPrio™ system is exactly that: a system. Rather than a series of individual features, each aspect of our technology works together and is optimised by the others.


Proprioceptive Feedback

Sensory nodes placed over key muscles, and connected by sections of kinesiology-inspired skeletal structures, gently grip the skin and resist extension as you move.

This interaction stimulates tactile mechanoreceptors in the skin, effectively amplifying useful afferent feedback to the nervous system, allowing for more refined and controlled movement.



Kinesiology-inspired skeletal structures integrated into every ProPrio™ garment provide physical resistance against unnatural motions, supporting joints and muscles to prevent over-extension.

This works to stabilise muscles and joints, promote controlled movement, and in the case of our tops encourage a strong dynamic posture.



By combining performance grade body-mapped compression with anatomically positioned skeletal structures, ProPrio garments work to attenuate soft tissue movement and decrease muscle oscillation during dynamic activity.

This ultimately minimises the detrimental effects of oscillation on muscle fatigue and damage, supporting enhanced function and improved movement economy.


At Over+Above we aim to disrupt the status quo with precise, connected, and innovative designs.

As a culmination of years of research and development, ProPrio™ is the first apparel range to truly focus on proprioception, offering athletes a unique advantage in performance and recovery.

Proprioception and athletic performance

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