Driven by excellence, we blend performance and well-being, pushing boundaries to empower evolution. Crafted for the performance-driven, our gear transcends mere sportswear. Over+Above stands at the intersection of sports science and technology, inspired by elite athletic experiences.

Built Different

The Over+Above Story

Step into our world, where passion meets innovation, fuelled by a relentless pursuit of greatness. Discover the roots of our brand, born from personal experience and a drive to push boundaries.


The Over+Above concept was born out of personal frustration with repetitive shoulder injury from competitive hockey and cricket.

May 2017 - Frustration


Active barrister Jamas sought a solution beyond kinesiology tape, aiming to integrate active shoulder support into a garment.

June 2017 - Conception


Jamas teamed up with sports biomechanist Dr. Chris Peploe to transform his idea from concept into reality.

Jan 2018 - Collaboration


Our patent for ‘an improved sports garment’ was granted, forming the basis of all future product development.

April 2018 - Patenting


Chris took the concept further than anyone could have imagined, creating garments that went beyond just incorporating K-tape.

October 2018 - Breakthrough


After rigorous development Chris began testing prototypes with elite athletes, iterating designs for optimal performance.

June 2019 - Testing


Overwhelmingly positive feedback led to custom projects with international cricket, rugby, and NFL athletes.

July 2020 - Development


Impressed by the performance of our prototype garments, former England cricketer Matt Prior joins the team as CEO.

April 2021 - Leadership


Over+Above was born, and the team started work on a full range of garments that integrate our patented ProPrio system.

March 2022 - Expansion


Tapping into the body’s sense of proprioception, Over+Above garments became a training necessity for a range of elite athletes.

July 2023 - Athletes


Danielle Matthews joins the team as Head of Brand, starting work on the visual and creative aspects of Over+Above.

November 2023 - Brand


Our inaugural collection launches, offering athletes unmatched stability, movement efficiency, and reductions in fatigue.

August 2024 - Launch


Over+Above continues to lead in athletic innovation, already working with elite athletes and manufacturers on ProPrio 2.0.


The Team

Our people are motivated by detail and driven by performance in all aspects of life. Obsessed with learning, anything that can optimise output gets their attention.


With over 100 England caps and 3 Ashes series wins in a storied career in professional cricket spanning over 15 years, Matt’s track record speaks volumes. Possessing a keen insight into team dynamics and a knack for fostering winning cultures, Matt has played a pivotal role in building brands across sectors. Matt brings a unique athlete’s perspective to Over+Above, with an unwavering belief in its technology and innovation.



Chris is a biomechanist and innovator with a track record in research, development, and athlete testing. With a Sports Technology BSc and a Sports Biomechanics PhD from Loughborough University, Chris has honed his skills in athletic performance, injury prevention, and equipment optimisation with organisations including England Cricket, Nike Golf, and Hawkeye. Chris brings invaluable insights to Over+Above, driving innovation in all our products.



Meet Danielle, our Head of Brand, a seasoned professional with nearly two decades of experience in design and branding. Throughout her career, Danielle has been a driving force behind delivering compelling creative visions combined with strategic acumen and a keen eye for commercial viability. With a passion for understanding consumer behaviour and attitudes, Danielle leverages smart strategy, creative copywriting, and design to influence and enhance brand perception.


The Science

We pair biomechanics insight and innovative technology to engineer apparel that serves as a support system for conscious athletic performance.

Discover the science

A journey to develop ground-breaking athletic apparel



We don’t view sustainability as a nice to have, but as a crucial and essential discipline that we must all embrace for the benefit of our planet and its people.

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In Action

Motivated by detail and precision, our athletes continue to push their limits.

In Action - Mark Findlay

Mark Findlay

Ex-GB Runner & HYROX Athlete

Mark Findlay
In Action - Jamie George

Jamie George

England Rugby

In Action - Miles Stephenson

Myles Stephenson


In Action - Thomas Dilley

Thomas Dilley

London Marathon

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