What is HYROX

HYROX is a global fitness race that combines 8km of running and eight functional workout stations. It is an indoor hybrid fitness racing event combining running with functional exercise stations.

Testing both endurance and strength Hyrox bills itself as "The World Series of Fitness Racing" and "A sport for Everybody". Suitable for all fitness levels, it offers a unique challenge for athletes aiming to push their limits. Participants compete in a standardised format, making HYROX a true test of overall fitness and performance.


How Proprioception Enhances HYROX Performance

Training for an elite HYROX race demands a rigorous and balanced regimen that combines endurance, strength, speed, and functional fitness. Proprioception, the body’s ability to sense its position and movements, plays a crucial role in this preparation. Our patented ProPrio system aids HYROX competitors by enhancing their stability, movement efficiency, and reducing fatigue, allowing them to train harder and perform better.

Elite HYROX athletes follow comprehensive training plans to enhance their endurance, strength, and functional fitness, positioning themselves for top performance on race day. With the added benefits of heightened proprioception, they gain a competitive edge that can make all the difference.



Former GB sprinter Mark Findlay used the ProPrio calf sleeves and half tights during his HYROX training and race at Olympia London. These innovative garments provided him with unparalleled support and stability, giving him the peace of mind to push his limits. The enhanced proprioception allowed Mark to maintain optimal form and efficiency, contributing to his impressive performance on race day.

How calf supports changed everything


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